Annual returns can be submitted through Govchain. When your annual returns are due, we'll email you a link to complete online. This link will also be available in your company dashboard. 

Keep in mind that you must still submit your annual returns even if your company is inactive, in-order to keep the company compliant and registered on the CIPC (the central registrar of companies in South-Africa).

Follow these steps to submit your annual returns to the CIPC:

1.) Simply log into your profile on our website

2.) Click on the annual return pop up which will be on the very first page after you sign in.

3.) Answer a few questions regarding your company.

4.) You will automatically receive the total amount payable to update your annual returns.

5.) Use the banking details that you will receive alongside the fee after you answered all of the questions.

6.) Once payment is made, your company will be 100% compliant again.

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