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What is a company profile?

A company profile is essentially a resume/CV for your company. A company profile states the company’s business activities, mission, history, resources and capability to deliver a product or service.

What is a company profile used for?

A company profile can be used to provide more information regarding your company if you want to start a potential partnership with another company. Your company profile can also be used as a marketing tool, informing potential clients of your services/products and what makes your company stand out from the crowd .

Do I need a company profile?

It may be a requirement for some tenders or contracts to supply a company profile, reason being that the contractor would like to compare the experience and history of each applicant before making a final decision.

What is included in a company profile?

A company profile would usually consist of the following:

  1. A summary of your company’s background.

  2. More information regarding the company’s services and products.

  3. The company’s goals,missions and ambitions.

  4. A list of the company’s qualifications.

  5. All of your company’s compliance registrations and legal information.

  6. The company’s logo.

  7. The company’s contact details

How do I make a company profile?

Here is a list of recommended companies who can assist :

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