As per the CIDB's official website;

"The construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) is a Schedule 3a public entity established to lead construction industry stakeholders in construction development. It is established in terms of the CIDB Act 38, of 2000.

Construction plays a pivotal role in South Africa's economic and social development. It provides the physical infrastructure that is the backbone of economic activity. It is also a large-scale provider of employment opportunities. The role of the cidb is to facilitate and promote the improved contribution of the construction industry to SA's economy and society.

Amongst others the CIDB must promote:

  • Uniformity in construction procurement
  • Efficient and effective infrastructure delivery
  • Construction industry performance improvement
  • Development of the emerging sector, including industry transformation; and
  • Skills development "

All construction/maintenance companies must register at the CIDB, in-order to indicate in what field/industry they specialize in. If the company wants to apply for a tender/contract, they must be registered at the CIDB, in-order to indicate that they are compliant.

If you are registered at the CIDB, you will have full access to their i-tender services, which will inform you of available tenders in your area that you can apply for.

If you wish to register at the CIDB, you would have to provide the following:

  1. The company's registration documents (COR 14.3 for a PTY company and the CK1 & CK 2 for CC companies).
  2. The current share certificates of the company (Only applicable for PTY companies).
  3. The certified ID copies of all of the directors and shareholders (The ID's must be certified at a commissioner of oaths, and not older than 3 months).
  4. A valid Tax clearance certificate.
  5. The completed CIDB application form

All of the required documents must be submitted at your nearest CIDB office.

Please note

There is different working classifications you can choose from when registering at  the CIDB. You have to choose at-least one classification, in-order to indicate in what industry the company specializes in.

There are 9 levels you can register for. The higher grading you're registered for - the larger tender you may apply for. You must have proof of previously completed projects, in-order to apply for a higher grading. If you have not completed any projects yet, you may still register for level 1.


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