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Tips to make sure your company name is accepted
Tips to make sure your company name is accepted
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More than 1000 company names are reserved on a daily basis and none of them are allowed to be the same.

Follow these easy tips to create a company name that would be accepted:

  1. Combine words.
    You can combine words to create a unique name, e.g. Tshepo + Linda = Tshenda

  2. Translate words into other languages.
    You can translate words that describe your company into other languages, before simplifying the words, e.g. Aurum + Bergbau = AURBERG

  3. Research to see what's available.
    Use search engines such as Google and Facebook to see if other companies are already using the name you have in mind.

  4. You can generate a company name online.
    You can use this website to generate a random & unique name.

As a side note, the name that gets reserved for your business (registered name) only needs to be used on official documents like invoices and legal agreements. You can use a different name for your branding, logo website etc (trading name).

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