Import Permit

How to apply for an Importing permit

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A company that wishes to import or export goods from and to South-Africa must first register at the relevant departments. The process to obtain an import permit is as follows:

You must first register as an importer at the South African Revenue Service (Sars) and then register at the International Trade Administration Commission (ITAC).

You can register as an importer at SARS by applying online on the SARS website and submitting the following documents:

  1. Proof of address i.e. your municipal water and electricity account. 

  2. Certified copy of your identity document.

  3. Certified copies of your company registration documents (COR documents for a PTY company or the CK1 and CK2 documents for a CC company).

  4. Tax registration certificate.

  5. Telephone/cellphone contract that is older than 3 months.

  6. One of the company’s bank statements.

  7. An original letter from the bank on a letterhead or an original auto bank statement.

Note that all of the documents submitted must be certified by a commissioner of oaths and no older than 3 months.

You would also have to complete and submit the following application forms to SARS if you wish to become a local importer:

The following application forms must be completed if you want to register as a foreign importer:

The application forms and supporting documents must be submitted at your nearest customs office.

After you have registered as an importer at SARS you must apply for an import permit from the International Trade Administration Commission (ITAC). You can apply for the permit by following this LINK and completing the required application forms.

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