Export Permit

How to apply for an Exporting permit

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The company that wishes to export goods locally or to foreign countries must first nominate an agent, to oversee that all goods that are exported is done in a legal and safe manner. The steps listed below must be followed to register as an exporter agent that would act on behalf of the company.

You would have to complete the following application forms and send it through to SARS:

Application forms for a local exporter

Preferential Trade Agreements application forms:




Application form to register as an approved exporter in TDCA & SACU-EFTA:

You would also have to certify and submit the following documents to SARS alongside your application forms:

  1. Proof of address i.e. your municipal water and electricity account. 

  2. Certified copy of your identity document.

  3. Certified copies of your company registration documents (COR documents for a PTY company or the CK1 and CK2 documents for a CC company).

  4. VAT registration documents.

  5. UIF registration documents.

  6. Tax registration certificate.

  7. Telephone/cellphone contract that is older than 3 months.

  8. One of the company’s bank statements.

  9. An original letter from the bank on a letterhead or an original auto bank statement.

The application forms and supporting documents must be submitted at your nearest customs office.

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