National Home Builder Registration Council

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A company that specializes in constructing new housing or does improvements to housing structures must be registered at the NHBRC, in order to prove that the company is compliant, has the knowledge and required assets to carry out the task. 

Once the NHBRC registration is completed, the company will be seen as compliant and will be able to apply for tenders and contracts.

If you wish to apply for an NHBRC registration, you would have to provide the following documents:

All of the required documents must be submitted to your nearest NHBRC office.

Note that a registration fee will be required by the department of R 745.61 and an annual Membership fee of R 526.32. The annual membership fee must be paid every year, in order to keep your company listed on their list of registered construction companies.

After you have registered at the NHBRC, a representative of the company would have to write a test to prove their knowledge of the industry and that they are able to construct houses. The company is allowed to write the test only twice and it must be passed within 2 weeks after the registration fee is paid to the department.

The company will receive its NHBRC registration number and documents once the test is passed.

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