How do I add a SARS registered representative?
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To add a SARS registered representative you will need the following documents:

  • Appointment letter signed by all directors (here is a template)

  • A clear copy of the registered representative's ID document

  • A clear photo of the registered representative where they are holding their ID document and a note that reads "update my details" (here is an example)

  • Proof of the address of the registered representative's residential address. This must be a municipal account or lease agreement.

  • A copy of your company registration certificate (COR 14.3)

  • Your personal SARS income tax number (You can request it here)

Once you have the requirements ready you can follow these steps:

  1. Click the "documents" button at the bottom of the page and upload the required documents

  2. Click the submit button

Once your request has been submitted, SARS will send you an email confirmation. Please take note of your case number.

The entire process can take up to 21 working days and SARS will notify you via email once your request has been accepted.

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