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What documents does SARS accept as proof of address?
What documents does SARS accept as proof of address?
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These are the documents that SARS accepts as proof of address for companies/individuals:

  1. ​Utility account i.e. rates and taxes, water, electricity, or gas account

  2. ​Educational institution account

  3. Co-op statement (for farmers)

  4. Medical aid statement

  5. Mortgage statement from a mortgage lender

  6. Telephone account (Landline and Cell phone networks)

  7. eToll account

  8. ​SABC television license documentation

  9. Major Retail accounts

  10. Motor vehicle license documentation

  11. Court order

  12. ​Subpoena

  13. Traffic fine

  14. Documentation relating to UIF or pension pay-out

  15. ​Life assurance document

  16. Short-term insurance document

  17. Health insurance document

  18. Funeral policy document

  19. Investment statement from share, portfolio or unit trust

  20. Current and valid lease agreement

  21. Bank confirmation letter/statement (only accepted for SARS registered rep application).

What if my proof of address is in a 3rd parties name?

If you stay in a residence owned by a third party (i.e. proof residence is in the name of someone else and not the taxpayer), a 'Confirmation of Entity Residential/Business Address' (CRA01) form must be completed and signed by the 3rd party. This must be attached along with the 3rd parties valid proof of address. You can download it here.

Please note that if you are applying for an import/export license. You cannot use the CRA form instead you will need a company address affidavit and have it signed by a commissioner of oaths. You can download it here.

Important notes:

  • The document provided as proof of residential address must reflect the taxpayer’s name (either initials and surname or first name(s) and surname) and physical address.

  • The lease agreement must be signed by the lessor and lessee. Take note of the expiry date. If the lease agreement has lapsed and the addendum states that the renting period is on a month-to-month basis, the lease agreement must be accepted.

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